Monday, October 12, 2009

Opportunity is Knocking

This is a post about my business. It's my story and I hope it will be part of your story, too.

My wonderful Hubbie was in ministry for 30 years, including Bible college. He worked very hard and helped many people carry their burdens. True, there are blessings in ministry and I do not want to ever diminish that part of our lives. However, we were never without money strains.

I did not work because we had three wonderful children. We did the best we were able to do for them and took second for ourselves. We would do that no matter how much or little money we had. They are our gifts from God. They made our lives full and complete.

We were finally able to buy a house because the wonderful people in our church at the time, took up the money for a down payment and the church gave Hubbie a raise to cover the additional cost of a mortgage payment over the rent payment. We were home owners, something most take for granted and is part of the American dream! Through a series of happenings, we are no longer in ministry. The main reason is me. I just could not take the insecurity of it any longer.

Hubbie has worked a regular job for eleven years now. The company he works for is a very good, stable, solid, FAIR, Christian owned company. It is even closed on Sunday. He is 62+ and is working a young man's job. The physical strain is difficult. He is my WHY for doing Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. I want him to be able to retire. I am working to retire The Vern.

The biz is going great. I am one away from becoming Regional Manager. A team from Charlotte is coming in November to boost this area for Fortune and I plan to be Regional before or at that time.

So, check out this website. See the people that have joined! It's an amazing opportunity. Watch the video of the gentleman in the cowboy hat. YOU can do this!

I leave you with this question and a promise of more postings to come....

IF you keep doing what you are doing now, with no change, where will you be in 3 years? In 5 years? Will you better off or worse?

My rep number is 9322024.

Get on board the train is moving!!

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