Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Pooh

I'm not going to end the day with a negative.

Today is our only daugher's birthday. She was born 32 years ago in Texas. She is the daughter we never thought we would have.

Hubbie's family is mostly male children with only a few female children. I am the only girl in my family.

I lost a baby in 1975 and ended up with cancer as a result. The choice was a total hystr or we could try the chemo. I started crying because I wanted another baby. I had a 50/50 chance to survive. I took it.

It was 6 months of he** on chemo. The blood counts all started rising. I had lost a bunch of weight and had begun to gain it back. It's a good sign because it means your body is healing. It was another 6 months of watching me, more tests, waiting.

December 1976 came and the oncologist gave the all clear, try to conceive, flag. I returned the first of February 1977, 6 weeks preg. I had one scare during the time but she was healthy and beautiful.

We named her Angela, which means little angel, and Marie after our favorite aunt. She has been a joy in our lives, as the boys have been and are.

Thank you God in Heaven for our baby girl, 32 years ago today.

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