Tuesday, October 27, 2009

19 Dead Raccoons

Yesterday this blogger observed 19 dead raccoons in various stages of un raccooning.

I made a quick trip to meet the youngest son. He is in the university and needed a few things from the house, including his winter coat. We met half way between his place and our place. I miss him.

On the way there, back home, to a near by city, back home, I saw, along the side of the road 19 dead raccoons. They were not all in one spot, of course. They were all fatalities beside the highway. Some were still in recognizable condition, others were just a greasy spot with a tail remaining. One was flat on the back with all four legs sticking straight up towards heaven.

First of all, I did not realize there were so many raccoons around here.

Second, they should stay away from the freeway because people can be dangerous.

Third, life is short for all of us, even the little animals.

So I took the time to think and I came up with this conclusion. Sure, we may not have many things that other people have in this world. BUT, we do have a lot of things that some people would give all they had to have.

We have a warm place to live, three healthy strong, adult children. We have two married into our family adults who fit with the family. We have the GRAND baby who is healthy and strong, too.

No one is in jail or ever has been. No one has a death door disease. No one is unemployed at the moment. No one is on drugs. No one smokes.

So, on this cool rain soaked day, I am pausing considering the lesson of 19 dead raccoons.

Life is short.
Death is certain.
Be careful.
Love those in your life.
Be thankful.
Live the simple life.
All is well.

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