Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mornin' Everybody

Yesterday was Saturday all day long. Hubbie usually works on Saturdays and gets off at 5 PM. He arrives around 6 PM. So, when he was not home by almost 7 PM, I started getting very worried.

We have a history, we do.

Years ago, Hubbie drove our car UNDER an 18 wheeler. God gave him the sense to lay down into the passenger seat or he would have been decapitated. Instead of that, the bottom of the truck caught his left shoulder, popping it out of place, which required surgery to repair it. He survived. I will blog the whole story but not today.

I went to bed at 9:33 PM, woke up at 2:49 AM, tossed, turned till 4:11 AM, decided to get up. It was so quite with a slow rain. I took a nice warm shower, shampooed the head, dressed, drove through Hardee's. When I arrived home, Hubbie was up getting ready for work. I'm getting sleepy now so will blog about it another time with pictures to be included.

Oh, back to our history. Since that car wreck, when he is late, even just a few minutes, I worry. He is very good to call because he knows me. It's scary when Hubbie doesn't come home one night and you find him laying in a hospital bed.

Come to think of it, this has happened more than once. He had another wreck about a year ago.

Wrecks and worry happens.

Naps happen when you get up too early. zzzzzzz

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