Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain and Weeds

Here is another blog about rain. It's been raining like crazy in our area. I love the rain because it cleans the earth. Our yard is so wet it is soggy like a kitchen sponge. The flowers are blooming and the grass is very green. Well, it's green where the weed killer did not kill the weeds. There are brown patches because our yard was so full of weeds from so much rain.

I bought a bag of product that kills 29 different weeds and can be put out at any time. It worked pretty good!

Since I am basically left handed/armed now, I put the product in a cup, walked around the yard and put out the product. The front yard was done but the back yard is not yet done. Needless to say, the front yard does not really need mowing but the back looks like it's ankle deep.

It is suppose to rain the rest of the week so I guess I will sprinkle the back yard today.

It's a beautiful day, bright, sunny and not humid.

Summer is coming though so enjoy the coolness while it is here.

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