Saturday, May 2, 2009

Handout from Tax Day Tea Party

*nationwide tax day
Huntsville, Alabama Location
vacant lot across the street from
the Post Office on Clinton Ave
Wednesday, 4/15/09 - 12:00pm - 1:00 pm

Our message


1. The Obama Economic Plan will spend unprecedented amounts of borrowed money, primarily on unnecessary political projects.
This is both morally and fiscally disastrous. We are witnessing the largest giveaways in history. Almost $2 TRILLION has been spent since the first bail out in 2008. The ENTIRE federal deficit before the bail outs was $2.8 trillion and the proposed federal budget for next YEAR is 3.6 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office predicts our budget will generate $9.3 TRILLION of debt. The CBO also said that the 787 billion "Stimulus" Bill will create only a few jobs in 2009 and 2010 at the price of dangerously high levels of inflation as the government prints currency indiscriminately. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geitner, is now proposing an additional $1 TRILLION in spending on the economy, and there is no end in sight.
2. Republicans and Democrats alike have spent too much money on special interests/earmarks/pork.
3. Our children and grandchildren will pay for these failure in the form of opportunities lost as they inherit a burden inflation and debt.
4. Socialism is rearing its ugly heard in America. In a free market economy, companies that make poor choices fail and make room for the better companies to succeed. The entire world has been able to benefit from the innovations born from a free market, which is the best stimulus to any economy. Yet our government is now bailing out companies and mandating how they can be run. Notice the trend of the government's intervention so far: Social Security, Education, Medicaid, and Medicare. They have excelled in bankruptcy. Politicians encourage your dependence on government programs, rather than rewarding self-reliance.
5. AIG gave out bonuses that accounted for one tenth of 1% of the bail out money they received. These bonuses were approved by Congress in the "Stimulus" Bill and the government was alerted to the bonuses months before they were distributed. Even though our government voted to allow these bonuses, they tried to demonize these citizens and seize their private property in a 90% tax. If our government is going to ignore it's own laws (and Constitution)-how far will that go?
1. There are proven ways to create jobs and end a recession, that are not being followed: cut taxes and cut wasteful spending. It has worked before and it will work again. Encourage your representatives to repeal irresponsible spending and cut taxes.
2. VOTE OUT big spenders.
Support a conservative candidate and help him defeat in 2010 a Congressman or Senator who voted for or supported the 787 billion spending Bill, the 700 billion Wall Street Bail out, the 17.4 billion Auto Bail out, the 410 billion Omnibus Bill, the Mortgage Bail out, and the 90% TAX on private sector bonuses. This rally is #2 out of 10, leading up to the 2010 Congressional election. We seek to inform the public and to help elect the right politicians. We need people who will adhere to the Constitution, protect our liberties, and limit the role of government.
3.We are determined citizen patriots, whose minds and hearts are fixed on the noble purpose of restoring the limited Republican form of government created by our founders. It took 220 years of blood, toil, and tears to preserve our Republic. In just a few months, following years of a slow slide to socialism, liberal politicians have done their best to destroy the very principles of individual responsibility on which this Republic was formed. For the successful future of our country, we need limited government, as many individual freedoms as possible, personal responsibility, and federal savings rather than debt.
4. We are determined to protect our Republican form of Government, and will work tirelessly without rest so long as our individual liberties and free market are under attack from the forces of government control. thanks to American freedom, innovation, and free markets, we now have the tools that can help us succeed in our cause. As the success of this nationwide protest today shows, we are able to network and organize quickly and efficiently to achieve our common goals. Stand up for your rights! Now is the time. If We the People don't who will? Be resilient with us and help us turn our country around and stop its downward spiral.
5.We ask you today to sign up and join our noble cause and help restore limited government to the United States. You can sign up now at our Voter Registration Table and our Contact Database Table (from which we will be sending out updates for future activist opportunities), sign our petition, and visit the Fair Tax Table. Become and stay active in politics on all levels of government, corresponding with your representatives to let them know how you feel. "We the People" still hold the power of our vote.

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Dinah Soar said...

It's amazing how many citizens don't realize we have a republic, not a democracy...there is a difference. I agree with the handout too...