Sunday, May 31, 2009

Okay, this is just stupid....

I was riding down the street and noticed this going on in the lane next to me. These are strangers, I do not know who they are or where they are going but I thought I was going to have a 'cow' (Southern term for freak out!). All I could do was sit, watch in fear and shake my head no.

Because you see, this is a grown up with a child trying to hold on while riding a motorcycle.

Here are things that are dangerous to me:

1 - the child has little to actually hold for security (arms do not go around adult)
2 - the child is wearing an adult helmet which would fly off if the child was ejected
3 - the child could be ejected at any moment by any number of goofs by the adult
4 - what would happen if another vehicle just tapped this cycle? Or totally slammed into it?
5 - there was a huge SUV following close behind....the cycle switched lanes, the SUV switched lanes..the cycle turned, the SUV turned..I looked and saw that it was a woman, probably the mother, panicked look on her face, following too close (look in the mirror at the close and how big it is)
6 - if the child fell off, the mother would not have time or room to stop and would probably run over this innocent baby
7 - no speed is safe on a public road, in traffic, or for that matter on a private road with no traffic

You see, dear reader, there are people that use to be in my life that are no longer in my life because the simple reason, they were riding a motorcycle. They were not breaking the law, going to fast, or doing anything wrong. If they had been in a car, truck or big SUV, they would be alive today.

To me, having a motorcycle is asking to be killed. Even the strongest friends I know, have had terrible accidents. Some have died, some have lived to ride again. What about next time? It may be your neck that is broken instead of just your wrist. What then?

Sure they are fun but they are dangerous and just not worth the risk.

I hope this child has a chance to grow up.

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