Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life is life

Today was interesting. It is Sunday so we went to church. The music in the service was great and very moving.

The college son and I drove through KFC for a bucket of the new unfried chicken with two sides and four biscuits for only $15.99. Commercial over. We drove home and gobbled it, while watching tv, followed by a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Sidebar - why are Sunday afternoon naps sooooo good? I've not taken one in ages but today I snoozed 2 hours.

Next, off to the local grocery store for a shop assignment.

I was loading my merchandise into the trunk when I heard a "Hey, Lady". This is a Southern Term for I know who you are but cannot remember your name at the moment. Being Southern, I played along because I couldn't remember her's either. Still, she is a very sweet person who I have chatted with at different stores on and off for years.

I worked from home as a merchandiser before being injured on a work related meeting of a concrete floor with my chin, shoulder, rib, hip and back. She had worked in one of the stores that was on my route. This is how we met.

She has a beautiful baby girl, blond, blue eyes, small royal blue pierced earrings and a big smile. We chatted about the baby who's name is Olivia Elizabeth.

She then mentioned her oldest child, a boy, 17 years old who is now in 'boot camp'. It's not the boot camp that you think of when you hear the term. The camp purpose is to be hard on young juvenile offenders. He is a troubled boy for many reasons.

I feel sad for the boy because I realize the problems he is having are a reaction to things that went on around him. Things that he is powerless to change.

He is a bi-racial child, who's parents split up. The mom became involved with another man after loosing over 200 lbs from gastric bypass surgery. The mom became pregnant, lost twins and is now mom to Olivia. He has been made fun of for his bi-racial heritage. What difficult things for any child to face.

Now, after reacting to things in his life, the man-child is crying out for help. I hope he gets the help he needs. He has been in trouble with the law and this may be his last chance at a normal life.

I look around and must be thankful for my life. Even though there are rough spots, I've never had a child arrested, one who smoked, used drugs, cursed at or tried to hit me.

The only way I am going to get back to normal and end this depression is to see the bright spots, not the dark spots.

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