Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Recently I read an Internet report about people in Japan.  Apparently everyone there carries a fabric handkerchief.  Old people, middle people, young people, teens, even kiddos.  I never realized this.  Maybe it started when there was the bad flu several years ago.  Maybe not.
The point of the report was that Americans average using two boxes of tissues per month, which I doubted, me being the doubter I am.  This totals up to over $90 per year to wipe your nose and other things.
Here is the tip for today.  When you go to a place of eating, you are usually given extra napkins.  I have kept those for years and years.  I started when our oldest son was a baby.  He is now 42.  He says I'm old for doing it.  Well, then, I've been old a very long time.
Hogwash.  I detest waste.  Although I am not a tree hugger, I can do my part to save the planet.  Not really, I just want to save money.
So, instead of disposing of perfectly good napkins, I put them in my purse and use them as tissue.  Yes, some are brown colored, some have Subway logos.  Big deal.
I keep an overflowing stash in the driver door pocket of my little zoom-zoom.  I'm never without. 
Saving is saving. 
Or you can buy several fabric tissues, have the initial cost of purchase, cost of cleaning, cost of replacing, thought of blowing your nose over and over into the same, never mind, I'm gagging.
So there you go.


Dinahsoar said...

I do the same with napkins--and those napkins have saved me many times. Like the times I go into the ladies room and forget to check for toilet tissue BEFORE I need it--napkin to the rescue (and they don't stop up the plumbing--they are no thicker than toilet paper). Or the times I've gone through a drive through and the server failed to put napkins in my bag. Or the times I've spilled something in my car--napkins to the rescue. Being resourceful has nothing to do with being old. But it does have to do with being wise. We are two wise old owls aren't we? And owls are very much in fashion now, as they were in the '70's in home decor and even fashion. I guess you could say we are trendy!!...LOL.

Carol said...

Yep, we are! Who! Whoooo!