Thursday, November 21, 2013


It's Fall, Y'all.  I enjoy this season so much because it is not hot in Dixie.  The temp is low on the thermostat so I'm comfy.  The Hubbie is cold.  He runs around in flannel.  I'm still in summer clothes.  Wonderful.
Here are the changes I made for the season in our living room.  Everything is from the Dollar Tree except the pillow.

 The color is a soft red, changed from the bright yellow for the summer.  Easy and cheap.

Flowers, candle and holder were all one dollar, American.

The pillow is from CVS, after Christmas last year 75% off.  Part of the packaging for the pillow was two wide ribbons with Velcro.  How to use these?  Hummmm.....

Another candle and holder for a touch of red.  More pics later.

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