Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Last week, we had a family medical emergency.  We, The Hubbie and I, threw clothes into the suitcases, sped out the door and headed north.  Thankfully, although it was a true emergency, it was not life threatening.  We thought it was and could have been but was not.
I had some cash money laying on the kitchen table.  I picked up that cash money, dropped it into the top of my purse without thinking and headed out the door. 
I did not need to use money while I was gone so I did not even miss it.  But, when we arrived back home the next day, this is what I found laying on the front lawn.

Yep, all of my cash.  It had rained so the money was wet, soggy, and too heavy to be blown away from the wind over night. 
Boy, was I blessed.  I would have driven myself crazy looking for this when I did need it.  Never would have figure out what happened to it had it not been for God sending the rain to keep it in the front yard, it would have blown away.  It's the remainder of my birthday money from last July.
Do we live in a safe neighborhood?  Yes, I say we do. 
All is safe.  The cash has dried out.  It's a bit crinkly but still very much spendable.
This has become one of my favorite sayings:
God takes care of me in spite of my stupidity.
The other favorite saying is:
You can't make it for that (meaning a piece of clothing, etc., cheaper to buy than to make).
I think the first saying applies quiet nicely, don't you?  No amens people.  I'm just thankful I didn't loose it for good.

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