Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yep, it's true, I've been gone, again.  I love it, too!  I spent a week with my daughter and her little family, well, sorta I spent a week with them.
I was able to watch our newest GRAND while Momma and Daddy went out of town for business and pleasure. 
It was a great time of play, eating out, playing, eating out, grocery shopping, eating out, laundry doing, eating out.  
Hummmm.....some of these keys must be stuck on repeat.  Nah.  It's all true.
I flew again.  So much better than driving.  No Atlanta traffic.  Nuff said. 

Youngest son and girlfriend drove over, saw them for a bit.
Spent the night coming and going at the oldest son's house with the other two GRANDS. 
Wasn't even tired till I landed at the big TN airport then crash!  Had to drive thru for a donut fix to keep up the energy level. 
Back to a quiet house.  More laundry doing. 
 It happens.

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