Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My faith in mankind was restored today, well, at least in an employee at Publix, Decatur store. 

I went into the store with coupons in hand, did not take my big orange binder because, honestly, coupons lately have not been worth the trouble.  So, I checked the BOGO free deals, picked out coupons that would go with them and a couple of other things I needed, and stepped out of the little zoom zoom.

In my hand I had the coupons, my list, a twenty dollar bill and two one dollar bills, my purse, keys and what was left of the Diet Coke from ChickFilA.

My plan of action is always to look at the CS desk, find out what the penny item is and head to it first, which I did.  Then I start my shopping by checking the end caps for the deals, etc.   Hebrew National Hot Dogs, my favorite, were on special but the regular dogs were out.  The employee said she would check in the back but it might take her a while.  I said, I'll be back.   My cart and I went to the milk cooler and picked up the milk.  Then onward to finish before circling back for the dogs.

When I had all of my items in cart, I noticed I had lost the twenty dollar bill.  It was the Christmas and KFC money for the week.  I quickly circled the store, searching, left my cart at the CS, headed outside, searching, no dough.

I thought, okay, someone else may have needed it more than I did, bummer, yes, bummer.  Sigh, too.  Twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

On the way out, I noticed a discontinued item that was 2 for 7.99 instead of the regular price of one for 7.99 plus I had 2 two dollars off coupons.  I went back to my car, retrieved the new coupons, purchased the items and some muffin mix, which I also found a coupon for in the store circular, and reluctantly stopped at the CS desk, just in case someone turned it in.

Well, hallelujah, some one did!!!   The twenty was mine once again.  An employee had turned it into the CS desk.

I left almost whistling!  No, I didn't tip the employee, no tipping allowed at Publix, but it did leave a good impression of the store personnel and I was glad that I went out of my comfort zone and asked!

Wednesday, today, was a hot, muggy day in Dixie but an upper day for this ol girl!!  Twenty bucks is twenty bucks!  Grin.

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