Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yeah, yeah, it's not Tip Tuesday but here is a money saving/making tip for you.
Put your unused items in a consignment store.  Most of them will split the money the item sells for with you 50/50. 
There is a warning.  I have had some bad, bad experiences with consignment stores.
The first one I used, I ended up loosing everything I had put into the store.  Why?  Because the owner picked up the cash register, all of the money, and skipped town, taking many items with him.  He even skipped without paying his rent.  Bad experience, numero uno.
Then years later, I put several items into a local store.  I never heard from the owner saying I had items that were sold even though when I was in the store, I could not find any of the items!!  She had no record of my ever giving things to sell.  This was my mistake because I trusted the owner and I had no proof, no receipt that I had even been in the store.  She did remember the antique pictures, yes, they had sold, she gave me $20.  I never heard from her again.
Well, I've tried the consignment store route one more time.  The owner is nice, trustworthy, puts everything into a computer as I am standing there and prints out a copy, which is then signed.  Now, that's professional!
Yes, I've made some cash, not much, but it's cash I would not have otherwise.

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