Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yes, I know it is not Tuesday.  Our GRAND son was here and I had things to do....visiting the Splashpad, going to a museum, eating at Dairy Queen, going to Dollar Tree....the list goes on.....playing with his 26 year old Uncle Jared's Hot Wheels.....going to the library, reading the books from that library, eating at Hardee's, yeah, fun stuff.
It's a good excuse to not blog because it's more fun to party with him.
So, here is the tip.
Years ago, in our first house, we purchased a model home.  It was a small house, just big enough for the four of us.  It was decorated with pewter gray carpet, wallpaper in the kitchen and both bathrooms, a brick fire place, split floor plan, deck, ceiling fan, great room, parquet entrance, garden tub, etc.  We loved it.  We lived there for 13 years. 
All of the walls were white, yep white, except for the entrance that I painted a gray, then stenciled white hearts/country design on the gray walls at the top of the walls, near the ceiling. 
Here is the money saving hint:
Buy paint that can be touched up without repainting the entire wall!  It worked great for us.  We had extra matching paint and an extra roller.  When the finger prints, scuffs on the walls were 'showing' one of us, me or The Hubbie would drag out the paint, extra roller and the paint pan and make them all disappear by rolling over the marks.  It saved us hundreds of dollars.  Rather than repainting the entire room, hiring someone to do it, we rolled it ourselves and it looked great.
About 3 years after we moved into our little house, our last baby boy, yes, the above mentioned Uncle Jared, arrived.  There were multiple levels of fingerprints, scuffs, from the five of us, so we rolled them all!  The room looked fresh and clean.
So, next time you paint a room, make sure you have extra paint leftover AND it is a brand that you can do the same thing.  Painting is work plus it is expensive.  Why bother?!

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