Monday, April 8, 2013


This is an attempt to get me back.
Years ago, a friend and I would meet at our children's school, maybe 45 minutes before dismissal time, and we would walk.  My husband said our mouths would move faster than our feet, any who, I digress.  It was a great time to get exercise!  It was a time of commitment to each other and to our weight loss journey.  I appreciate Gail for putting up with me all those miles!
Since I fell in 2007, my exercise has been next to nothing.  I was injured but if you read this blog, you know that is the reason I started the blog.  But, it is time for me to get my strength back in this old body.  It is really past time.  So, I've started walking almost daily.  Not on the weekend so far but during the week.  It's been GREAT! 
How do I do it?  I get dressed, walk outside and put one foot in front of the other.   I walk as far as I can until I get tired and then go a bit further.  I've also walked at the mall in the near by larger town a couple of times.  I've also walked the inside of our local WM Superstore.  I make myself do it.  I'm the only one that can do it for myself!  No one else is responsible or able.
So, I may not ever be a marathon runner but I can walk and so can you.  It is something we need to do in order to live longer, feel better and be stronger.
Hip, hip, hooray for me and for you!  Do it!  Put one foot in front of the other and take a step then another and another.  You'll be tickled you did!  (Southern term, y'all)



Dinahsoar said...

I'm your cheerleader cheering you on and you are inspiring me to 'just do it!'. Way to go!!!

Carol said...

Thanks! Getting stronger everyday.