Monday, April 1, 2013


Yes, yes, I know, I have neglected this poor little blog once again.  It's okay, it's not my life nor do I make any money from it so I post when I want to post.  BIG GRIN!
Here are a couple of saving money tips that I have incorporated recently:
1.  Saturday, the local grocery store had 4 pound bags of Domino Sugar for a low, low price of $1.99.  I had 3 coupons for $.50 each, that doubled to $1.00.  I was happy to purchase three (3) bags of sugar, 4 pounds each, for the ridiculous price of only $.99 per bag!  Yep, read it again, if you must.  It means that I walked out of the store with twelve (12) pounds of sugar for only $2.97, plus tax of course.  You do remember that I do not count tax because tax credit is not given on the coupons.  So, that was a good deal, don't you think?  I do. 
******Last year I had a similar deal, stocked up on sugar, which I still have one bag left, so this should last us well over a year.  Deal time!!!*****
2.  A few months ago, I purchased a shower curtain that was guaranteed for life to not have mildew collect on it.  Well, you figured it out, mildew collected.  I scrubbed it down a couple of times only to have it collect again.  This time, after a good inspection, I noticed the mildew was collecting along the bottom of the shower curtain where the plastic was turned up to form a hem.  Bright idea......I cut it off!  Yes, I used an index card as my guide so I would not have to take the curtain down or re-hang.  The card was placed on the bottom of the curtain and I cut it off at the top of the card.  Tada!  A pretty even cut all the way across the bottom of the shower curtain!  No more mildew!  I sprayed the curtain down with Scrubbing Bubbles, let it sit, then rinsed it off.  A like new shower curtain!!  The cut off part?  In the garbage, gone, yuck!  The shower water now runs down the curtain with no place for the excess to collect.  So, no mildew.
3.  Do you know that the Dollar Tree now takes coupons?  Manufacturer coupons for a specific item.  So, I purchased a stock of Hefty sandwich bags, storage bags, each box only $.25 after coupon.  This part of the tip is not new.  The new part is the fact that two (2) sandwiches can fit into one (1) sandwich bag!  Zip and it's closed!  Hubby brings them home so I use them twice if they are clean.  By using this technique, the bags end up costing about one penny each or less! 
4.  Finally, this is a tip about toilet paper.  Can you believe it is so expensive?!  Ridiculous.  Anyway, I purchased 4 rolls of Scott at my local CVS for $2.99 per package.  I stood there contemplating toilet paper.  There was a larger size but even with a coupon, the smaller package was a better price per roll.  So, don't always assume that bigger is always better.  There are times that the smaller deal is the better deal.  A handy dandy calculator can help with that type of decision.

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