Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Living in Dixie is wonderful.  The lifestyle is laid back, easy going, slow, pick one.  It's great.  I was born in the deep South, was a Navy brat, then moved multiple times because The Hubbie was in ministry.  That's another blog post.  However, there is a negative about living in Dixie that I will reveal today.


Yep, that yellow green stuff that appears every Spring.  It is the dreaded pollen.  When it arrives it stays around.  It covers everything.  The buildings, cars, front porches, roads, everywhere.  If you open the window, the pollen will come on in, really!  It's pretty ugh.  We all wait for rain to wash it away.

This year, the rain came, washed it all away, but it came back.  Yes, it's everywhere, round two.

My money saving tip is this:

Instead of taking my car through the $10 car wash a second time, I took it to the self serve car wash, costing a mere $1.50, six quarters.  Yes, you have to spray it yourself then dry it off yourself but all of the pollen is gone, my waxed car is still shiny and I saved $8.50.  I use to take my car thru the car wash weekly, now, it only goes when it really, really needs it which is probably closer to once every three months.

Gotta love it.  Saving money, that is, not the pollen.  Ahchoo!


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