Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yes, yes, I know, I am very behind on doing things on this little blog.  Normally, I post a money saving hint on Tuesday.  When you're retired, the days can run together anyway so guess it really doesn't matter when I post a money saving hint or even if I do post a money saving hint.  The world will not stop spinning one way or the other, right?  ha

Here is the hint:

Recently I purchased the coffee on the left as a BOGO from the local Publix store.  Yes, it is French Vanilla.

The coffee on the right was the penny item for the week.  Since I do not really like a strong flavored French Vanilla coffee for two reasons:

1 - the dang stuff costs more!
2 - the dang stuff can make your toes curl it's so strong!

So, I determined to mix the two coffees together, store in a zipper lock type bag for two reasons:

1 - did not have another canister big enough to hold two bags of coffee at the same time!
2 - combining the two coffees together would double the amount of coffee and make it last longer, with a much milder taste!

So, the coffee on the left was less than $4.  The coffee on the right 1 cent.  Double the coffee for about $4.01!!!  Plus it tastes so much better than the toe curling stuff!


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