Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our Church is about to finish another Financial Peace University class from the now famous Dave Ramsey.
It is the new edition and is shorter than the last class we attended.  

There are other speakers in this edition besides DR.  It gives you a different perspective because of their life experiences rather than only one that of DR.

I missed most of the classes this time due to sickness.  I went tonight and the last class is next week.  I did enjoy what I was able to see and learn.  Last class, I typed notes the entire time.  This time, I sat and listened, taking only a couple of notes.  It was great, again, even the second time around!

Wish we knew this stuff when we were younger, much younger.  Still, we have learned so much from FPU and Dave Ramsey.  

Yes, I am a fan and I do recommend it!  Now if I can just learn to keep my mouth closed and not talk so much!  Is that going to happen?  It will if I literally bite my tongue the entire discussion time.  Yeah, done that before, too.  Grin!


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