Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Do you remember the TV show called Fantasy Island?  Is that it?  I don't because we didn't watch it.  But I do remember the commercials about the tiny little assistant that would look in the sky, point, grin and say, 

Duh Plane!  Duh Plane!

Well, I fell about 10 days ago.  Yeah, again.  I guess twice in 5 years is not so bad for an old gal like me.  

Any who....

I have slept on the floor for the last several nights and am feeling so much better.  I was thinking about the floor and here is what I was thinking.

1 - the floor is the bottom of any room
2 - when you are on the floor, you can only go up from there
3 - most floors in the USA are covered with something....carpet, wood, tile, rugs, even pennies!  See?!

Pretty cool, I think, and a cheap way to cover a floor compared to other possibilities.  I wondered about doing this but isn't there a law about using US money for stuff like this?  Or is that damaging it by writing on it or copying it.  I don't know.  On to the rest of my list.

4 - the floor is cold in the winter and not so cold in the summer
5 - sleeping on the floor for a couple of nights before going to your friendly, neighborhood Chiropractor, is a way to loosen up those tight muscles because it helps keep the spine in a secure position
6 - be thankful if you have a floor, some don't even have a room to own much less a floor to go with it.  Think about it

Sleeping on the floor is great for a sore back but be sure and have a pillow of some kind under your legs to keep from straining the back further!  Pillow for the head, too.  If you sleep on the floor for one night and you feel better the next day, do it again.  If you feel worse, don't do it again, sleep in your bed.  

Brilliant, I know!


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Donald Fishgrab said...

Sorry about your fall. There have been number of times when I found the floor more comfortable than the bed