Friday, December 7, 2012


INSOMNIA is in the house!  I am a night owl, have been for years.  I love staying up late, surfing the web, doing a craft, piddling around then dragging myself to bed.  I also like sleeping late.  There is a difference between staying up for fun and staying up because you cannot fall asleep.  

One is fun and fulfilling.  The other is boring and wears a body out.  

I've always thought I would like to work a late shift at some job and then sleep all day.  Sounds wacko, I know, but I seem to function so much better at night than I do in early mornings.  This girl is not a morning person, never ever even in my vocabulary.  One big ugh!

Life takes many different turns.  Those turns go up hill and downhill with surprises or disappointments all along the way.  Sleep is necessary for the journey but when it's one of those nights that sleep does not come,  the turns of life seem to stay front focus and the old brain just keeps churning away about thoughts of the day, plans for the next or disappointments that dog us.

So, on a night that insomnia is present, I wonder...

Wouldn't it be cool if humans had an on-off switch?

December 7, Pearl Harbor Day and my mother-in-law's birthday although she passed away several years ago RIP, Juanita Mae, still trying to figure out how to rid the yard of those pesky moles, why is this house crumbling,  how many days till Christmas is it anyway?

See the things that rattle the brain cells in the middle of the night?  Yeah an on-off switch would be a nice invention.


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