Friday, December 28, 2012


Yeah, yeah, I'm dragging in posting on this little blog.  I have other things to do like laundry.  I guess I've been a bit bored.  I have several ideas on saving money and I forgot to write them down so I didn't post them.

But here is one:

IF your local Dollar Tree sells the newspaper the most it will cost you is....tada......$1.00!!!  
Unless, of course, it is an everyday edition, that will cost you about fifty cents.  Depending on how much your local newspaper charges.

I was happy to find out this bit of information because the local Huntsville Times has scaled back to publishing only three or four days per week AND increased the cost of one Sunday paper to $2.00.

If you buy, say, two papers a week, that is $8.00 - $16.00 per month for papers alone!!  If you buy more, then it is more money or if the paper charges more, it is more money, too.  It can get to the point that buying papers for coupons isn't really saving any money.  

Is this registering?  I know what I'm saying but wondering if it is coming out right on this post.  Grin.

So, in summary, go to Dollar Tree, buy the Sunday paper, pay $1.00.  Go to another store or buy one from the box, it will cost you double, or $2.00 per paper.

There, that should do it.


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