Thursday, February 2, 2012


Saturday, I was on the web, checking out a few websites. I went back to an old favorite, NARMS. It is a site for jobs in the retail industry. I love doing merchandising for all kinds of reasons.

Part time
Good pay
Leave when you are done and go home
Don't sit in an office all day
Feel like you accomplish something that stays more than 8 hours, like housecleaning, get my drift?

I saw a job opp and applied, not knowing that I would even get a call back because of The Hubbie's difficulty in finding a job, any how, Monday, got a very nice phone call, Tuesday a second phone interview, thinking I will hear back something on Monday, as the second interview said, Wed, I get an email congrats on becoming a new hire, fill out this paperwork, please.

I'm going back to work. Part time, only, it's all I want and all that makes sense. It will help pay my COBRA which is $434 per month for me only!

You just never know......



dfish said...

Congratulations, Carol. Somehow I don't see retirement as something God prescribed anyway. That's not a popular view however.

Carol said...

No, it's not. I do like the slower pace!