Wednesday, February 1, 2012

La la la, la la la, etc.

Words on Wednesday, what to say? La la la, la la la, la la la la la, la, la la la...... the words to the Jeopardy song, well, not really, did you just go back and try to sing it out? Snickering.

This is the first day of F E B U R A R Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?! Already, we're thinking, where did January go???????? It did, bye bye in the blink of an eye, wondering if this year will do the same? I was typing, rather rambling on about something, and realized that this is 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are twelve YEARS past the Millenium, 2000 !!! We thought so many things would go wrong when the century turned but it didn't. It just turned, without a hitch, figure that?! Now, to be twelve !!!! years beyond that mark, seems like we should still be typing 19-- something, nope, hasn't been that way in over a decade and will never be that way again.

A dear friend of mine, JoAnne, has three beautiful girls, all grown up now, I remember when they were all born! The oldest just had her second baby, a boy, after a sweet little girl who is now 4, already. The next is getting married in April, which is only days away. The baby girl is a senior this year and will go away to college in the Fall. How can that be? They should all still be little, right? You know your own children are growing up but, hey, other chidren do it, too?! Yeah, they do. All too fast, I might add.

I am wondering what is going on? Is time going by fast for a purpose? Years ago, we heard an old preacher, evangelist say that as the end of time got closer, time would go by faster. I think he was right!

Enjoy today because in a few hours, it will be tomorrow, today gone. It's just happening all too fast for me.....see.....

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