Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Several years ago, I did a boo boo. I was cleaning the bathrooms with a spray cleaner that contained bleach. Not knowing that it would cause a problem on the countertops, I put the container on the countertop and continued to clean, plus it faded the surface. This is what happened:
Since we really cannot afford to replace the countertops at this point, we tried this:
This is the result:

Yes, I goofed and did it to the master bath, too, so that is next to do, well, for The Hubbie to do.

Here are the negatives:
This stuff stinks! Arrange to be out of the house a few DAYS and NIGHTS till it cures/sets!
Do not plan to use the area for at least five (5) days and nights!
It looks great at first but does not wear well, suggest a clear coating of some kind to protect it!
Probably a really bad idea to use on a surface that might experience extreme heat, even with the clear coating, yeah, bad, bad idea.

Here are the positives:
Barely used any out of the can for one bath sink and side of cabinet! $16 per can!
It is CHEAP!
The color choices are really nice! Get this at Lowes, just ask for it.
It is CHEAP!
No replacing countertops! Saves $$$$ and no reconstruction mess.
It is CHEAP!

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