Monday, January 16, 2012


Today is a holiday for some, a work day for others. Since I am a senior citizen, I remember Martin Luther King, Jr. I remember his platform. I remember when he died. I remember how things were so crazy back then, cities on fire, people being killed, so much hate and distrust. I so hope those days never return. We've come so far and certainly do not need to go backwards.

We were a bit further north, helping with the GRANDS. I am very careful to keep my purse out of their reach, for obvious reasons which you may know or may not know. Still, I realize that EVERY woman's purse should be kept out of the reach of children.


Think of the things the average American woman may or may not carry in her purse that could be life threatening to a child.

Bobby pins or other clips
Loose change
Nail files or clippers
Writing pens or pencils
Weapons or things that can be used as weapons
Hard candy
Cigarettes, if they smoke
Matches or lighters, if they smoke
Make up
Plastic bags
Nail polish
Cell phones with batteries
Other electronic equipment
Wallets with snaps or buckles

Pretty scary when you think about it!

So, don't be all about you. Watch your purse when around small children or maybe even pets.

You might save a life by being responsible with this one act of awareness every day and every holiday.



dfish said...

When one no longer has small children in the home it is easy to forget how inquisitive and quick they are and leave things within reach.

Carol said...

Yes, they are so fast on their feet, too!!!