Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday, I ventured out to Publix. Since I have been under the weather, we have been basically eatting from the pantry or The Hubbie was picking something up for meals. This was going to be a big haul for me to restock and pick up some sale items.

I spent $46.47 but didn't spend $51.28!!!!

Many say that they do not coupon because there are no coupons for what they buy. I beg to differ.

Here is my list: (I would post a picture but The Hubbie is repairing the frig and I am out of his way, blogging.)

2 pkgs of Hebrew National Beef Franks (our favorite)*
1 box of Publix butter
2 pkgs of Hormel Pepperoni *
2 boxes Kebler crackers *
1 pkg Crunchmaster crackers *
2 bags of Chex mix *
(Remember I am restocking on this trip.)
1 roll of Publix paper towels (the penny item for this week) *
1 pkg Kraft sandwich cheese 24 slices
1 bag potatoes
2 pgs of muffin mix*
2 boxes of Fiber One cereal*
Hellman's light mayo
2 boxes Raisin Bran cereal
2 bottles Ranch dressing *
4 jars spaghetti sauce *
1 bag of red delicious apples
1 12 pk Angel Soft tp *

* items all had coupons this time

The summary goes like so:

Vendor coupon $9.05
Store coupon $2.50
Special price savings $36.81
Transaction Discount $2.92 (old lady discount)
Your savings at Publix $51.28

So, a $97 grocery bill was only $46.47 plus tax, which I do not count in my total because tax is not considered on the savings, make sense?

Couponing is so worth it to us! Yes it does take some time but consider this, if I spent two hours couponing this week, that is $25 + an hour I saved/didn't spend!


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