Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, Blog World, Christmas has come and gone. It was so much fun with the GRANDS. All the grown kiddos, with their loves, were here. I absolutely enjoy our grown children! We eat, we laugh, we enjoy their company.

This year was a 'thin' year as far as our giving gifts but we still were able to give to all of them, which is a blessing to us, feed them what they enjoy, do the Christmas turkey, ham, etc. Someday, we may not have that opportunity. But, while we can, we will! Fun!

Our GRANDS stayed with us a few days, which was very special. Uncle Larry and Aunt Sissy were here so they helped and had fun, too.

I did get the flu, throwing up and other gag stuff, for 14 hours before meds finally arrived to stop it all. Then on Saturday, a bit of a set back, today is better but still yuck.

Wondering what 2012 will be like for us, family, Country, world. Some are panicking about it, with good reason. Others are ignoring the signs, bad idea. Still, the same panic was going around in 1999, while 2000 came and went without a hitch. It's really okay because we know the end of the story. It's the part in the middle that is concerning. But, what can we do?

Not much, I don't think, because it's similar to having the flu. It comes, you get sick, throw up, etc., deal with it, happens without any control. Then you try to recover. It's slow, difficult, but you recover.

Will our world recover? Time will tell.

Will I keep blogging? Yeah. It's free, cheap therapy!

Happy 2012! It's here!!



dfish said...

sorry you got the flu, but I agree God is in charge.

The concerns about 2000 were much like the fear of bird flu, focusing on what could possibly happen. The concerns today are more like some coming down with the flu and trying to decide what actions need to be taken. Unfortunately some are panicking while others, particularly those in a position to act seem determined to ignore it.

Carol said...

Thanks....probably the sickest I have ever been but better each day now.

Yes, ignorance is a bliss for some but for some that know, it is a comfort.