Friday, December 16, 2011


Our young son is 25, wow, how did that happen? He is struggling to finish college, having to drop out three times because of sickness. He is now taking classes part time. He is a waiter.
If I had a million or two dollars, I would help him, pay off his student loans, buy that ring, etc. I hate that money controls our lives, or should I say, not having money controls our lives. Praying for Jared today and every day.


dfish said...

While it is tough seeing them struggle, My experience has been that those who earn their own degree themselves learn far more than those whose way was paid for them. Unfortunately, colleges usually don't recognize that the things they learn are far more valuable than the things the college teaches.

Carol said...

So true. Education begins after the diploma. I just hate that he has student loans of many thousands of dollars.