Friday, December 9, 2011


For the most part, I try to keep this blog upbeat, although I do have down days myself and the blog reflects those days. Today is a very sad post.

A two year old little girl was killed this week. She was riding in the car with her mother. The mother lost control of the car, went off the road and into a wooded area. A tree came through the car window and struck the little girl in the face. The description of the her injuries are difficult to discuss so I will not. The doctors advised the family not to see her after she passed. Although she was in her car seat, she did not survive. Her funeral is on Saturday.

To think a small child died in this way is hard to think about but it's all we can think about. This family must be suffering so bad! We have two GRANDS, one is two. We could not imagine his being taken out of our lives.

Life is so fragile and can be so very, very short. We cannot choose the day we die or how we die. Death is certain. Read the Bible. Find God. Don't leave it to chance.


More information says that the mother over compensated for debris in the road, hit a pole which came into the vehicle. The rest is the same.


dfish said...

It is tough to hear about such occurrences. Will pray for the family.

Carol said...

Thank you.