Thursday, June 23, 2011


So what do I blog about now? Maybe I should just post pictures for several days in a row. Maybe I should just blog about good things in the world. Maybe I should blog about, who knows what? I have lots of words stored up but are they really interesting to other people? Don't know. Phooey.

Okay, how about this? I am 26.3 lbs less fatter than I was a year ago. It's the facts, Mam', just the facts. So, if I have a fall back (is there such a thing?) I will remember this fact. It's okay, I'm not perfect but there is less of me than there was this time last year.

Is that earth stopping? :)


Dinahsoar said...

Keep up the good work. Write about what interests you. If it interests others fine, if not at least it is interesting to you.

Carol said...

Good thought....I've been rambling for a few years now! Never thought I would last this long.