Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY and Doo Doo

So, gas is coming down, almost by the hour and certainly by the day, wonder why? Elections are in the air! Beware and don't fall for it all. Yes, I am so sick of it all, would love to have a third party candidate take it back but it's not going to happen, never has, it only puts the incumb back into office by splitting the conservative vote. Many do not remember Ross Perot but many do, so tell everyone you know! A vote for a third party is a vote for the present regime. This is not the electon or the time to split the vote! Our country is in too deep doo doo.

Okay, breathe.

A way to save money that I have not bragged about on this site is to do it yourself. Today, I went to the near by bigger town for my errands. When I returned, The Hubbie had cleaned out the dryer vent, resulting in the little wire meshy filter thing now actually fitting into the slot where it is suppose to fit. Yes, there are companies that one can pay to do such things but why bother? Do it yourself. Don't know how? Look on the web. You can find out all kinds of things to do yourself.

Two good sites are eHow.com and Howstuffworks.com. Check em out.


dfish said...

At least in Perot's case, I think it was a deliberate effort to split the vote. I think that he re-entered the race because he was afraid it would fail. Like you, I'd like a real choice for a change.

Carol said...

Interesting....never thought he thought he would loose the election. Never considered it was a deliberate effort. But, this next election is not the time to split the vote. It would put the same people back into office to continue this downhill slide!