Monday, June 27, 2011


I am a blogger but follow very few blogs myself. I have several bookmarked so I can go back to the ones I like pretty quick but following, not so much.

I found one that I like so far. She's so honest! It's titled Grandmom's Little Loves. She thinks her grandchildren are flawless. What a brilliant woman!

Although we only have two GRANDS at this point, more will be coming in the future. Still, The Hubbie and I both think these two are pretty much perfect.

Here is an older picture of them. They are both so much bigger now but there are no new pictures on this computer, a problem that will be repaired soon.

The GRAND son adores the GRAND daughter. He is so good to her. He loves on her, kisses her, touches her hand. He's never hit her, bit her, pulled her hair. He's just perfect to her. She follows his every move and tries to touch him every time he is within her arm's reach.

and we do, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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