Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The tip for today is find a Dollar Tree near you and shop.

I was on my way to the local mall for a meeting, broke a fingernail when I was at the dentist, so stopped in at the DT near the mall for clippers. The store is huge.

As I was standing in line waiting to make my one $1 purchase, I scanned the area visually. Here is what I saw:

New Testaments
party napkins
bunny ears
decorative flags
As Seen on TV gadgets
flower pots
balloons, filled already
bottled juices
baby items
thousands of items that would cost more than $1 at any other store

No coupons accepted, large sigh.

But.....I will be returning with dollars in hand. It's a buffet of savings!


dfish said...

Their markup probably isn't high enough to cover the discount of most coupons. They have to settle for a legitimate profit.

Carol said...

Yeah, I understand and I would rather pay the one dollar than what would be allowed for a coupon. I was being silly....normal....silly.