Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here is a easy, delicious cheesecake recipe.

Do you wonder why I am not posting pictures? I'm not making these goodies. I am pulling them out of my file of almost 44 years of treats. This recipe is so old that it was before there was a store brand of PB CC! Store brands will work, too, not sure there is a Thank You brand anymore so any sweet canned cherry pie filling will work.

Cherry Cheese Pie
8 oz Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese
Small can of Eagle Brand milk
One lemon
One can "Thank You" Cherry Pie Filling

Mix cream cheese, Eagle Brand, and lemon, beat well.
Pour into graham cracker crust and top with cherries.

A twist on this recipe is to put the ingredients in cupcake papers.

You will need to put the papers in a cupcake pan to help hold the paper's shape, place one vanilla wafer cookie in the bottom of each paper. Spoon cream cheese mixture into each paper. Spoon on a cherrie or two, refrigerate. You will have individual treats that are just as delicious as the whole pie.

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dfish said...

What a simple recipe for cheesecake.