Thursday, March 10, 2011


As my readers know, my old body has been through the wringer these last almost four years. Everything medical that can be done to improve it has been done. I've accepted it and deal with the pain.

My Chiropractor is trying desperately to help me. He is a good one! There is a new service in their office that is helping many people, including me.

It is called Ion Cleanse Detox. The process is used to increase mental and physical energy, increases stamina while voiding the body of chemicals, pollution, radiation, synthetics, toxins and numerous amounts of foreign substance trapped in layers of the skin.

Reflexology teaches us that each foot is acutally an outlet through which the body attempts to cleanse or rid itself of heavy metal and toxic waste built up in numerous areas of the body. While using the Ion Cleanse, you will actually see the cleansing process as the water interacts with a compound electric current along with a magnetic field structure. This cleansing process attains the correct frequency required to restore cells to a healthy state, while releasing years of bonded waste. (quote)

Yes, I was a bit skeptical myself until I tried it. My first treatment, I had no camera, wish I had. My second treatment, I took a pic on my cell phone which is yet to be downloaded to my desktop. My third treatment, I had my camera. Here are the pics. Yes, more blogging to come about it all, now aren't you excited?

Check back, I will post more information and a link to my chiropractor's website.

Beginning of the process:
About 5 minutes into the process:
At the end of the 30 minute process:
The end, feet out:


dfish said...

Does it work on the whole Body? The whole skin is used to eliminate harmful products.

Carol said...

It's based on the concept of reflexology and Chinese medicine. I will be posting more about it as I go thru this process.