Friday, December 3, 2010


Since traffic in the near by bigger town has increased so much on Friday, I switched my fun day to Thursday, meaning Friday would be stay at home, accomplish something.

True, plans are made, well made plans but rarely do they come true anymore. I get sidetracked, easily. Today was one of those days. I went to a town south of here for a freebie with a coupon, yesterday, Thursday. The store was out, left my name and number, got the call this morning, it's here, I'll be down next week. You need to come before the coupon expires, which means before 12/06, put on shoes, out the door I go.

The Hubbie also had an RX at the local CVS so stopped in for that one and discovered some great buys!

Funny how Friday can turn into coupon saving, party time. Okay, fun to me. :)

*****UPDATE....decided to not try to upload a pic today. The deal was this...two bags of Hershey Kisses in red and green foil, two boxes of Stove Top Dressing and one manicure/pedicure diy set for....trumpets, please....$.25 at CVS with sale, coupons and extra bucks. Shazam. See what I mean? FUN!!!


That corgi :) said...

I think it is neat you use coupons; I need to start doing more of that. Oh well, at least you got the item that you needed with the coupon :)

enjoy the weekend


Carol said...

Couponing is great fun and my part time job. You should try it but if you work full time it's not easy. Since I don't, and I need to make up for the lost wages, it really has made a difference. Today I reorganized the pantry. I found out I have 16 cans of green beans, 10 cans of corn and a full pantry, something I've never had. So, to me, it is fun. You enjoy it, too! Glad to be able to comment back and forth with you!

Carol said... do I follow your blog?