Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Florida is under a freeze warning, AL, GA, too. Dixie is cold today. The tip(s) for today is how to stay warm.

When you are using the oven, baking or cooking something delicious, turn off the oven but leave the door open when you are finished. The heat will help warm the kitchen instead of escaping up a vent.

We have a garage with a entrance into the house via the laundry room. The laundry room is always a different temp over the garage and the house. We leave the door into the laundry closed year round. It gives insulation between the colder temps of the garage and the house. It also is a buffer in the summer helping the house stay cooler.

Finally, one of the coldest things about winter is waking up and putting on a cold housecoat, shiver. When I was a child, my mother would turn on the oven, heat up our housecoats and bring them to us when she woke us up for the day, no such thing as central heat back then, those days are long past. Now, I put my housecoat in bed with me, under the covers. I leave it there all night, pull it out in the morning and slip it on really fast, warm, not cold, ahhhh.

The thermostat is at 68 and we use blankets when we are watching TV, socks, warm clothes, too, when we are up moving around the house.

Finally, to keep water pipes from freezing, open the cabinet doors before going to bed.

Do you have a hint on how to stay warm, helping save money?


That corgi :) said...

All great ideas! I like the idea of the housecoat in your bed to keep it warm! We used a lot of those techniques when we lived in Montana (oven door open, etc). I know also keeping like a door stop type of thing around the front door to not let air in, if there is a gap, is supposed to help save on running the heat. Also lowering the heat at night we've done in the past to help save money.


dfish said...

People often shut down heating to rooms they don't use to save heating expenses. I overdone, it can make the heating system so much less efficient that it actually costs more, especially with newer furnaces.

Sealing around electrical outlets can make tremendous differences as well.

Carol said...

THANKS Betty and Don! Great ideas I will be using!!!