Friday, December 17, 2010


It's Friday, again, already, really. Oh me, as the GRAND baby says often. Life is going by too fast.

Today is The Hubbie's Christmas party at his job, no, not an office party, a covered dish lunch. He is the only man at this job, he handles it well. They think he is a sweetheart, he is. I'm up because I made a green bean casserole for him to take for the lunch, yawn.

The future seems to be screaming at us like a very fast train, how about you?

We had a financial planner at our kitchen table last night for several hours, he's nice, a son of one of the ladies at church, etc. Tis time to rollover the 401K from the old job, not much money, but all we have, yep, I'm nervous.

The economy is so shaky, the future uncertain, the government out of control, whimperings of those in power taking over what money you do have, bummer.

I realize now why older people put their money in the mattress or buried in a jar in the backyard.


That corgi :) said...

that was nice of you to make the casserole for your husband's lunch at work; it is an uncertain time with the economy; I just trust God has it all in control.

Happy weekend!


Carol said...

Are you still here, Betty?