Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Household Hint

The tip for this Tuesday is a household hint to save time.

We live in a house that has an all electric heat system, terrible because it is like heating with a toaster, I die-gress. Keeping up with dusting is not one of my favorite things but I have found a trick that helps with lampshades.

Buy a lint remover with a handle and a continuous roll of sticky tape. Roll it down the lampshade, across the top and the bottom, presto, the dust clings to the sticky paper and doesn't fall on the table or take flight into the air or your nostrils.

It saves wear and tear on the shades, making them last longer, saving cash.

Staying warm and it's not even officially winter until next week. Burr. It's a good day to dust, maybe not. heehee

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