Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One of the things on our list to cut back our expenses is haircuts.

I have always fixed my own hair, why? Well, several reasons, one being I never like it when someone else styles it, always come home and do it over. Another, I cannot sleep on it, so why waste the money?

Since moving to our little town, I have gone to a lady barber when my hair needed help. Her charge to do the same as a salon is half the price. She has retired so I found a walk in salon in the near by bigger town that does a cut for only twelve American dollars, yes, it's less than my other lady.

One of the other things that The Hubbie and I are doing to stretch the time between cuts, is shave each other's neck of that hair that grows below the hair line. We have a home hair cut kit that is years old so we use the electrical unit with no plastic blade added. It keeps his neck looking smooth. It keeps my neck free of those hanging down hairs when the rest is in a pony tail or off of my neck, also it helps being cooler.

A friend of mine has her husband highlight her hair. They use one of the kits with the cap, you know what I mean. Her hair always looks beautiful and congratulations, you're a blond, for a fraction what a salon visit would cost.

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