Saturday, September 11, 2010


Nine years ago, really, has it been that long? It feels like just yesterday.

Although I attempt to not be political on my little blog, today is an exception.

Nine years ago our country was attacked, our people were murdered, lives were shattered, forever changed.

People lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, cousins, neighbors, grandmothers, grandfathers in New York City, a field in PA, and in Washington, DC. You can see the pictures of it all in your mind without adding graphics to this blog, we all can.


Some say it was because we deserved it, others say it was a secret conspiracy, others say it was to start two wars. It really doesn't matter, you know. The fact is that it happened, thousands of innocent Americans were murdered. Yes, I used the m word, murdered. We can debate and speculate but that word does not change, murdered.

Looking back now, after loosing all of them plus the thousands of our soldiers, I wish we had done something more drastic, something more permanent, something more than what we did, are doing.

Looking back, we should have treated this situation like we did before the end of World War II. Yes, we should have used the bomb. I could go on from here and try to defend my position but I will not. It's just my personal opinion, I have no power.

But, think about it, for a moment. Wouldn't that have been better than what we are dealing with today?

The muslims are in control of the world, whether we want to admit it or not. They are like spoiled children who rule the house. If someone or something happens that they do not like, they threaten the world and the world backs down. Everything, and I mean everything, upsets them. The world backs down.

Go back to the paragraph above, the one that starts with But, think about it.....

My prayer is for the 9/11 families today, may they have God's grace to make it through still another remembrance. The hole in their hearts will never heal. It's too big, too deep, but God can give them grace.

It's all I can pray for on this sad, sad, day, 9/11, nine years later.

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