Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Hubbie is home, sleeping and has most of the morning. His color is back to normal, as well as his heart rate. PTL. He has ulcerations on his stomach lining. Other tests have been made and we are waiting for the results on those.

One of our balloons burst, too. We were both hoping that health insurance could be cut back and The Hubbie could be closer to retirement. He is a veteran but a letter came saying that yes, he is accepted but must reapply yearly. No change in the health insurance for now so no change in the job schedule.

Meanwhile, here is a website that I really enjoy. I get the email sent to my inbox. This link came today. Sounds like a great idea for young mothers and older ones, too, or anyone who wants a break from living for a few hours.

Copy and paste because it is not an active link in this blog.

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