Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you have read this blogg before, you know that we are about to go on Social Security. We have been taking steps to cut our expenses. The plan was to cut everything that we could by 50%.

Well, we have not cut our utilities by 50% but not only did our power bill NOT go up in one of the hottest months in Dixie in several years, it went down. It happened with this one change.

The stairs to the attic are in the garage. We are leaving them open/pulled down 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also leave the garage door completely or partially opened during the day, all day, until we are in for the night or going to bed.

It is drafting air thru the garage door, up the stairs and out the vent in the roof. The entire house is cooler. The attic is no longer an oven.

This will not work if your stairs are in your house. If they are in your carport, it would work but you might have to remember to pull them up or down daily or whenever, depending on where you live, crime in your area, humidity, etc.

The thermostat is set at 74, the house is staying cooler now than before trying to cool it with it set on 70. It's money in our pocket.

~~~~Please note...the stairs are installed very tight and do not come down without being pulled very hard. Be sure, if you try this, that your stairs are tight. You would not want them to fall on your car or a person.


Just Plain Tired said...

That's actually a good, and smart, tip on reducing energy cost. I'm all about saving a little money when possible. :)

Carol said...

Yes, we all are in that mode, which can be a good thing! Thanks for stopping by my blogg.

dfish said...

Before air conditioning, many homes used an attic fan to eliminate excess heat from the attic, so reducing buildup in the house. You are doing the same thing using convection.

People with swamp coolers can use a vent from inside the house to similarly up the effectiveness of their cooler.