Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is a little tip that is going on around our little town.

When you eat out, you are offered a 'to go' cup. It's a cup full of whatever refreshing liquid, tea, Coke, etc., that you had with your meal.

I get it when offered because I can drink it after the meal, saving me money, keeping me quenched and free from buying another drink.

Just thought you might enjoy it, too. You can always ask for one. Please note the main word, FREE.


Dinah Soar said...

When I get a big tea at McD's, just before I leave I dump out my ice and refill my cup (free refills) and take it home for later that day. No ice means my tea doesn't get diluted. I love their tea and don't feel like I'm cheating them because while I'm there I have a cup full of ice with very little tea in it. I really don't drink anymore than others, I just finish up at home rather than in the store.

Carol said...

Yep, free refills are free refills. I love McD tea, too, sweet of course.