Tuesday, April 13, 2010


One of the things that makes a kitchen nice is coordinating towels. Towels come in sets of three, four and up. They are also sold separately, with or without a pot holder or oven mitt.

Why do they wear out so quickly? Is it because we use them just about everyday and wash them after every use? Or is it because they are not high quality in the beginning? This year, I was determined to rid my life of all my junk-e, worn out kitchen towels. I did. The problem was the cost of replacing them.

Last year, after Thanksgiving, I was strolling down the clearance aisle of the local WM. Look what I found:

These were marked down from $3.96 each because they were suppose to be holiday specific to $.50 each after that specific holiday.

I do not have apples in my kitchen but at this price, I was going for a color match. I bought all the store had. I was able to get six towels for the price of one originally. This picture shows the color of my kitchen walls.

Shop the after holiday clearances for hand towels that may not be your theme but will be a nice touch of color for a really good price.

It's another empty nester money saving tip. Enjoy.

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