Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sometimes, buying cheap is just a waste of money.

I am a penny pincher from way back, with The Hubbie in the ministry for 30 years, it was a requirement. Now, cutting back, working toward retirement it is deja vu (I looked this up on dictionary.com. Spellcheck did not recognize it. Gotcha.)

I love Dollar General stores but I bought this dishwasher detergent tablet and it was a total waste of money. Sure, it was cheap, very cheap. The results were terrible. The tablet left a heavy white residue on all of my dishes. Gag. I finally had to throw them away, the tablets, not the dishes. I even tried to wash the dishes twice, hoping a second time would work, nope. The dishes looked dirtier than when they went into washer. I had to wash them by hand, horrible, I know.

So, buy cheap, if it does the job. If not, it's just a waste of money. Buy the name brand that works. In the long run, you will save even if the name brand product costs a bit more. The dishes will not have to be washed a second time, saving time, electricity, water and the price of the cheap tablet.

Live and learn.

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Dinah Soar said...

A case of the British saying "penny wise, pound foolish". yes, sometimes cheap costs more...like cheap house paint....or cheap peaches in the can..so hard they're not fit to eat..or frozen corn that you can chew forever and not chew it up...I had to switch to a gel dishwasher soap..I buy the powders because they tend to cost much less...but they did not dissolve in the water..I guess it's not hot enough. Gel it is...costs more but works..if it doesn't work you've wasted your money..sometimes you must spend more to save money.