Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Sunday

SUNDAY SUNDAY....the title is posted in this box because the cute blog graphic covers it up....

Here it is Sunday again already. Life is certainly screaming by us all. I was sitting here thinking about what I should post for this Sunday. I decided to just ramble for a few minutes and see what happens.

About politics, the liberals of America are spending our tax money like crazy. It's money they do not make or own. They are just printing it.

While, the conservatives of America are wondering if it is time to start storing food, buying flashlights that do not require batteries, taking what money they have left OUT of the stock market.

Whatever you believe in politics, it is time to take a hard look at the future of our GREAT Country.

North Korea has fired a rocket that had the potential of reaching our land. Did you know that? Remember in the campaign, Biden stated that Obama would be tested within the first six months of his presidency. Well, howdy do, it's time. Obama is calling for the world to unite against this threat. I don't see anyone rallying, do you?

I voted for George W. Bush. He, for the most part, was a good president. He took 9/11 seriously and to his heart. He blew it on the finances of his term. He did not veto spending bills. He was the one that began this bailout hysteria. I am sad that he did it. He could have vetoed and stopped it all. Then it would have been in the liberals laps plus set a precedence to not continue.

Obama is claiming that he inherited this. True, he has to a point. Some will buy this line, others will not. He has had the power to issue an Executive Order, allowing US Taxpayer money go towards the research using embryo stem cells. He has issued, from what I understand, several EOs that we have not been told. He has had the power of the pen to do whatever he wants since 1/20/2009.

He has had the power to stop the bailouts but he has not done it. He prefers to take control of the banks, the car companies and next will be the health care. He should tell the truth and take responsibility for what he has done.

Stop blaming the last administration. It's your responsibility now, President Obama. You are destroying hope and changing in the wrong direction!

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