Sunday, April 12, 2009

Grandbaby Colic

Our little grandson is having a terrible time with Colic. He was a preemie so that is part of the problem. But his Dad, our first son, also had problems with Colic.

The treatment has changed. The medicines used in 'the old days' no longer is used. It worked back then but it is not used today.

I feel so bad when he screams in pain for hours on end. He is such a sweet little baby. His temperament is wonderful. His pain is a nightmare. Everything Mommy and Daddy are doing is not working.

I realized when I had my children that I would give about anything for them to not experience pain. I couldn't do it then and I cannot do it now.

I just want him to be over this!! I would take the pain for him, too, if only I could.

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